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Now that Planet Explorers is out in the wild, the team at Pathea has turned our focus onto our next projects. This current project is called Protoform, it’s a puzzle game, and it’s very, very different from Planet Explorers. The game is being made by a small team, we plan to release on Early Access it in mid-2017 and final during late 2017. We’ve learned a lot from the development of Planet Explorers, and many of the lessons are being applied in the development of this game. This blog will chronicle our progress. We do plan to release demos as we go along the way, so we look forward to player feedback. Anyway, below are some super early screens and concept art:

What does everyone think about the character design? There are more concept art under the media tab. The story of the game is still being worked on, but it has to do with the young protagonist finding her true self in this strange world.