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Video Devlog 03

Here’s the third devlog video showing how Pathea tested the first demo of Protoform as well as some reactions.

A close look at the fabrics in game

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! It’s the year of rooster and we wish you all the best.

We always wanted to have a free-flowing fabric for the female protagonist, we decided early on to use cloth for the clothing instead of just bones and animation. Initially, we wanted to implement the effect of flowing fabrics with a certain plug-in for Unity. But due to the instability, we turned to Unity’s build-in functions.


This is just a glance of how it looks in game, but nothing is permanent. We are still monitoring the performance of the fabric. So everything may change in time. We feel it’s pretty close to the desired effect.

An improvement to the appearance of the cube.

In a recent internal meeting, we decided to spend some time improving the appearance of the cube.

The cube is the most symbolic item in the game. Players can find it in almost every puzzle and it plays a significant role.

This is how the cube looked originally. It looked good, right? But some of us disagreed. So our artist designed a few more pattern options. They’re all inspired by Rubik’s Cube and the complexity of it.

What do you think? My favorite is the first one from the left.

There was a long and drawn out discussion, we liked them, however, we decided to go back to the original one, because these options had too many stripes and barely any simplicity.

So in the end, few things are changed. But it was worth a try.

Video Devlog 02

Here’s the second devlog video showing how we built the very first demo of Protoform.

We hope you like it!

The next devlog video will arrive in three weeks.

An update to the lighting system.

We had a very flat look for the game lighting wise and we’ve been trying to find a way to change it. In the last week we’ve added a light probe solution to the game, in order to improve the lighting system.

As shown in the pics, objects can now receive indirect lights from other light sources, allowing for us to have some environment lighting.

The dots you see below in the top down view are the light probes that records lighting status in each spot. Each light probe pre-records lighting settings for their position, when the player reaches that position, the lighting settings will be made realtime. This allows the lighting to change in realtime as the player moves amongst the light probes.

Video Devlog 01

This documentary tells the story of how we started the Protoform project, enjoy:

We’ll be continuing this series every 2-3 weeks. Should let you all have a closer looks at how a game’s made and how all the decisions are discussed.


English / 中文

随着星球探险家已经正式发售了,我们的团队将目光转向了我们的下一个项目。 这个项目叫原生体,是一个与星球探险家非常不同的解谜游戏。 现在这个游戏是一个小型团队负责,我们计划2017年中旬推出抢先体验版并在2017年后半年正式发售。 通过开发星球探险家,我们学到了很多宝贵的经验,并且在开发这个游戏的过程中很多经验都起到了作用。 这个博客将会持续不断地记录我们的开发进度。 我们计划在将来放出试玩版本,并期待玩家对这个游戏的反馈。 以下是一些早期的游戏截图与概念创作图。


Our Next Game!

English / 中文

Now that Planet Explorers is out in the wild, the team at Pathea has turned our focus onto our next projects. This current project is called Protoform, it’s a puzzle game, and it’s very, very different from Planet Explorers. The game is being made by a small team, we plan to release on Early Access it in mid-2017 and final during late 2017. We’ve learned a lot from the development of Planet Explorers, and many of the lessons are being applied in the development of this game. This blog will chronicle our progress. We do plan to release demos as we go along the way, so we look forward to player feedback. Anyway, below are some super early screens and concept art:

What does everyone think about the character design? There are more concept art under the media tab. The story of the game is still being worked on, but it has to do with the young protagonist finding her true self in this strange world.

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