Sorry everyone. It’s been long.

We’ve been working on a few things. The first one is about localization. Normally, games are published with complete localization, but it’s different this time. For the sake of the players, we want to support as many languages as possible. We developed a function that players can do the localization themselves, so not even one language will be missed.

Last week, we were programming sound effect for the game. For that, we got two extra team members working on it. And yes, we expanded our team a little bit. So far, it’s just some environmental sounds, and the next phase will be more specific. For example, the sound of operating sentry, cube, footsteps, explosion, and impact.

In addition to that, pause menu is also on our priority list. We were working on primary menu last week. And this week, we just finished secondary menus like loading and option menu.

There is a big change in game we plan to do this week. We want to replace global illumination with environmental light. Therefore we don’t need to bake scenes every time before wrapping up. And at the end of this week, we’ll pack another demo.